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2005 Reunion at the Holiday Inn & Suites Daytona Beach Florida.

Lets Party and have some good old time memories

Party Time

Left to right  Frank Feazell , Butch Hedger , Marginia Feazell , Jessie Rennaker , Phil Rennaker and Cory  Rennaker Setting down.

Cool Beer at the Holiday INN bar

Left to right  Sam Laporte , Butch Hedger , Phil Rennaker , Frank Feazell and Jack Stimis

Have a good sneeze

Cory Rennaker

Motly Crew

Left to right   Frank Feazell                                    Marginia Feazell  , Jessie Rennaker , Phil Rennaker , Butch Hedger

Evening Sunset

Picture taken from Holiday Inn 2005 Reunion Daytona Beach Florida






2005 Reunion Daytona Beach Florida September 22nd thru 25th